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Bid Opportunities for January 11, 2021


Added/UpdatedSolicitation Title
01/11/21RFP - Substance Use Disorder 1115 Waiver Evaluation Design Implementation
Scope: Seeking to conduct the evaluation of the substance use disorder 1115 demonstration adhering for medicare and medicaid services approved evaluation design and receive department approval for all suggested revisions to the evaluation design.
01/11/21Broadband Improvement Implementation
Scope: Broadband improvement implementation, includes improve broadband coverage in the town to address the needs of the unserved premises.
01/11/21Plan Management Consultant
Scope: Provide plan management assistance.
01/11/21RFP - Grants for Renewable Energy Generation Projects
Scope: Grants for renewable energy generation projects in the nonresidential sector.
01/11/21Request for Qualification - Stormwater Infrastructure Planning & Evaluation Project
Scope: Work shall include tasks to evaluate the stated concerns and provide information for the development of the core tasks and deliverables.
Scope: Project consists of the renovation of two buildings located on separate site. The renovation consists of lead paint abatement, structural repair, replacement of roofing, replacement of windows and doors, replacement of siding, interior renovations, m...
01/13/21*UPDATED* IFB - 2021 Paving Program - Arterial and Collector Roadways
Scope: Work consists of pavement overlaying, pavement milling with overlay, and pavement reclamation, 3,000 SY of road excavation and regrade, 3,300 SY of driveway excavation and regrade, 21,000 SY of reclaim stabilized base processed in place 14" deep, 27,...
01/10/21Elevator Maintenance and Repair Services
Scope: Perform inspection, testing, maintenance, and repair, on four (4) passenger elevators, one (1) freight elevator, and 1 (one) handicap lift.
01/11/21*UPDATED* ITB - Boat Access Parking Lot
Scope: Work includes construct a parking lot for downing's landing boat access ramp.


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