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*UPDATED* IFB - 2021 Paving Program - Arterial and Collector Roadways

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Solicitation Title:
*UPDATED* IFB - 2021 Paving Program - Arterial and Collector Roadways
Scope: Work consists of pavement overlaying, pavement milling with overlay, and pavement reclamation, 3,000 SY of road excavation and regrade, 3,300 SY of driveway excavation and regrade, 21,000 SY of reclaim stabilized base processed in place 14" deep, 27,000 TON of hot bituminous pavement (method spec.), machine method, 4,100 SY of cold planing transitions, 250 LF of 12" polyethylene pipe (type S), 80 VF of repair of existing structures.

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